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Urinary tract infection may lead to recurrence of nephropath

"Mom! Come on, my legs are swollen."
"What a girl? Did you stay up late last night doing homework tired?"
A Juan was born in a small town in Hubei. Mentioned swollen legs, Juan is not the first time the emergence of this situation.
Four years ago, because of the lower limbs edema, go to the hospital to find out the nephrotic syndrome". Since then, she has been eating hormone to maintain. At the beginning of hormone dosage is not enough, the condition simply can not control, the doctor had to give her to increase the dose, the condition is stable!
In this way, the hormone is a two years of eating, during this period, the United States has been in conjunction with treatment, hormone dosage is gradually reduced.
A Juan recovered well, and the doctor decided to give her some medicine.
Everything seems to restore calm......
In August of this year, due to urinary tract infection caused by repeated illness, which has just restored calm life and set off a wave. This time check her protein to 4+, 24 hours urine protein quantitative 5.3g.
This time to eat hormones as if it is not as effective as before, and her edema, although a little better, but the protein is not down.
For further treatment, A Juan came to Shijiazhuang.
When I first came, her 24 hour urinary protein quantitative 6.86g.
Dr. Shi gave her a detailed treatment plan, in addition to the use of drugs before to eliminate symptoms, but also through the umbilical treatment to eliminate edema, and then with the pulse Kang mixture to stabilize the condition, so as to fundamentally treat the kidney.
After this period of treatment, A Juan gradually disappeared edema, weight loss of 5 kg.
9 days, A Juan's 24 hour urinary protein quantitative down to 2.06g.
Indicators gradually improved, A Juan's body has also been a significant change. A large amount of immune complexes are excreted in her urine every day.
I believe the next treatment will be more successful, A Juan can return to school to complete their studies!

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