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What are the nursing points of nephrotic syndrome

1, psychological nursing
Patients with nephrotic syndrome often have fear, irritability, sadness, anxiety and other psychological disorders, which is not conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease, family and nursing staff should be given timely psychological counseling to help patients recover.

2, diet nursing
In the life of patients with nephrotic syndrome should limit the intake of water and salt, sodium intake is generally not more than 2G, protein intake should be of high quality protein with high biological potency, normal renal function daily per kilogram of body weight 0.8-1.0g. To ensure the supply of calories per kilogram of body weight per day 143.6KJ, while the attention to a variety of vitamins and trace elements supplement.

3, drug treatment care
With diuretics, attention should be paid to the drug after the reaction, such as urine volume, weight, skin elasticity. Withdrawal or change of medication, must be carried out, in nephropathy department under the guidance of the doctor can not act with undue haste, all of a sudden stop, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences.

4, skin care
To keep the skin clean and dry, prevent swelling of the site of injury and infection, and to avoid prolonged compression, often changing body position. To avoid iatrogenic skin injury, with a small needle injection, pull the needle after the oppression of local moments.

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