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Dietary requirements for nephrotic syndrome

For patients with kidney disease, to a certain extent, it is necessary to pay attention to diet, will be conducive to physical rehabilitation. Nephrotic syndrome is no exception, let us know about the dietary requirements of nephrotic syndrome.
The diet of nephrotic syndrome must be characterized by a large number of proteinuria, edema, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia.

(1) in addition to renal failure and azotemia occurred, plasma protein is lower than normal, the general should be given a high protein diet, a daily supply calculated by 1.5-2.0g kg-1, in addition to the supply of suffering from the normal amount, but also make up for the loss of leakage of urine protein. If there is a failure of renal function or the use of restricted protein diet, refer to the relevant chapters in the diet treatment of renal failure.

(2) patients with different degrees of edema, should be given less salt, no salt or low sodium diet. After taking a large dose of hormone (prednisone) treatment, easy to make sodium retention and cause edema, should also be appropriate to limit salt intake.
Less salt diet: daily diet intake of salt does not exceed 2-3g (1g sodium salt content of 400mg), no longer eat other foods containing salt. The salt free diet: the daily diet in cooking is no longer salt or other salty food, often with sweet and sour taste to increase, but the sodium content in food should not exceed 1000mg.
Less sodium diet: a day in addition to the diet when cooking is no longer add salt or other salt containing food, but also to calculate the amount of sodium in the food does not exceed 250-500mg.
Patients with long-term consumption of low salt diet, often eating braised food, according to the local salt concentration of soy sauce with soy sauce, salt, the amount of adjustment. About 1g of salt in soy sauce 4-5ml.

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