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What are the harm with nephrotic syndrome?

Now more and more patients with nephrotic syndrome, which is a very serious social phenomenon, therefore, need attention, the arrival of nephrotic syndrome has great harm to the human body, if not timely detection and timely treatment, patients may lead to danger. So, what are the hazards of nephrotic syndrome on the human body?

1 patients with nephrotic syndrome may lead to renal failure, mainly in patients with the protein concentration formed tube blockage caused by renal tubular; there is influence the formation of autoantibodies in patients with, mainly some drugs to patients with systemic resistance decreased, this time it is prone to infection, like skin infection, respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection.

2 there is a patient with low hemolytic volume and hypercoagulable state symptoms, the patient will appear vomiting, diarrhea symptoms, sometimes the patient's glomerular filtration will lead to acute renal failure.

3 there is very easy to cause the patient's heart disease, the survey found in patients with nephrotic syndrome patients with heart disease incidence rate is higher than that of normal people, when serious will endanger the lives of patients; there is the patients are prone to thrombosis, thrombosis is the main cause of edema, the patient's activity, reduce high blood lipid and the blood concentration causes viscosity 


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