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Hormone treatment of kidney syndrome more and more hurt it?

The application of glucocorticoids in nephrotic syndrome is an indispensable part of hormone therapy, the use of its treatment to a certain extent, ease the patient's pain and improve the short-term efficacy, but no control of hormone applications as if Opened the "Pandora's box", to bring happiness to people at the same time, also attracted a disaster.

So that patients have a variety of irreversible serious symptoms:

Long-term ultra-physiological doses of glucocorticoid can cause water, salt, sugar, protein and fat metabolism disorders, the emergence of adrenal cortical hyperthyroidism. Manifested as centripetal obesity, resulting in calcium absorption disorders, resulting in osteoporosis, severe cases can also occur spontaneous fracture.

Glucocorticoids can reduce the body's ability to prevent disease, is conducive to the growth and proliferation of bacteria and proliferation, induced or aggravated infection.

Glucocorticoids promote protein breakdown, can delay granulation tissue formation, prevent trauma or surgical wound and other ulcer healing.

Glucocorticoids have the role of anti-growth hormone, children's long-term application can inhibit bone growth and protein synthesis, affecting growth and development, pregnant women can also cause fetal malformations.

Long-term application of glucocorticoid therapy, after the basic control of symptoms, such as the reduction of too fast or sudden withdrawal, the original symptoms may appear rapidly or worse, known as the "rebound phenomenon." There are some symptoms of the original disease, such as myalgia, muscle rigidity, joint pain, said withdrawal symptoms (or withdrawal syndrome).

In addition, long-term use of glucocorticoids can cause adrenal cortical atrophy or dysfunction, induced and aggravated ulcers and even cause neuropsychiatric symptoms, for patients with a great obstacle to rehabilitation.

In short, the treatment of hormones is only a mere formality, and did not solve the real problem, made a "headache, foot pain," the taboo, so the application of hormones must be appropriate, not blind pursuit of efficacy and a large number of hormones, Patients can not only stare at the test indicators, in the treatment direction into the errors.


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