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How to prevent nephrotic syndrome recurrence

After the development of the program, the patient has to do is strict compliance. Kidney repair is a long-term process, we must adhere to the micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration treatment; medication must be taken by the dose, taking the cycle to meet the doctor's course of treatment; regular outpatient follow-up, follow the doctor's advice to adjust medication. Especially in patients taking hormones, when the strong loose reduction to 20 to 25 mg per day, the recurrence of the opportunity more. Do not panic after relapse, and quickly contact the doctor, according to the disease adjustment program, often able to regain the relief. The treatment of nephropathy is relatively long, long treatment is easy to make some patients have slack mood, so stressed that "follow the doctor's advice, regular follow-up", is particularly important for reducing recurrence.

Actively and cautiously respond to colds and infections. In Western medicine treatment, often use glucocorticoids, cytotoxic drugs and other immunosuppressive agents, which patients have a weak immune line of defense, is tantamount to worse. So kidney disease prone to infection, including respiratory infections, intestinal infections, peritonitis, pleurisy, subcutaneous soft tissue infections. If an infection occurs, care should be taken to grasp two principles: active and careful, and at the same time medical treatment. Patients in the treatment attitude to be positive. Because the patient is not only prone to infection, and infection is easy to spread. Early active treatment, you can eliminate the infection in the bud.

After the infection, the patient himself must be treated with care, must not be taken lightly. Can not think of a small upper respiratory tract infection, buy their own antibiotics to eat on it, and this made a nausea on the treatment of kidney disease. Because now the use of antibiotics, most still have liver and kidney toxicity, such as aminoglycosides gentamicin, kanamycin, there are tetracyclines, sulfonamides, antipyretic analgesic. If this time to buy their own wrong wrong drug, your kidney disease is tantamount to worse, counterproductive. So this is advised to have kidney disease and infected patients, even if it is a small cold should go to the hospital to see a doctor or with the original hospital in charge of the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor prescription is a good policy. Nephrotic syndrome patients should be appropriate to strengthen their own health care, appropriate exercise, improve physical fitness. Patients often from the doctor, family or friends and family there to get such advice: "must pay attention to rest!", "Do not be tired!" So, patients with kidney disease, of course, rest, not a little activity. What is more, this bedridden can not afford, from the clothes to reach out, rice to the mouth of a comfortable life. In this regard, medical experts believe that over-reliance on the rest of the lifestyle for patients with nephrotic syndrome, the benefits of more harm.

Experts believe that walking is a simple and easy exercise method. On the nephrotic syndrome patients walking exercise intensity, experts believe that we should do what it can. Poor physique can be delayed, the time is shorter; physical strength can be rush, a long time. Or walk in the park, or camp in the forest and so on. Perseverance, will be able to benefit.

Maintain a good attitude and good eating habits. Mental state and diet for nephrotic syndrome in patients with hospitalization and prognosis maintenance is a very important factor. To maintain a good mental state, do not add their own bad psychological hints, not angry, irritable, to learn to relieve the treatment of things. Diet should be prescribed with a reasonable diet, we must restrain the original is not conducive to the recovery of the disease diet.


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