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Why does nephrotic syndrome relapse?

Well known that kidney disease is not good treatment, a lot of kidney disease are difficult to cure, to the patient's life a serious threat, nephrotic syndrome is also a recurrence of the phenomenon, the recurrence of the reasons are many, with the patient's treatment Improper also has a great relationship, leading to nephrotic syndrome recurrence of what causes it?

Psychological disorder is too large

There are many people will be more or less there are some psychological pressure, and these psychological barriers will bring serious harm to everyone, especially for patients with nephrotic syndrome, psychological stress is relatively large, can not be well maintained Mentality, poor quality of sleep can also cause the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

Side effects of drugs

Some patients in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, have adopted a number of drugs, taking the period, the patient's symptoms will gradually subsided, if the withdrawal or drug reduction, it will lead to recurrence of the disease. Therefore, the patient in the selection of drugs, should be careful, strict compliance prescribed medication.

Excessive fatigue

In the life if the patient unclean, irregular diet, life, so prone to colds, diarrhea, etc., is likely to lead to infection, resulting in nephrotic syndrome patients with recurrence. So for the patient should be a reasonable life, to develop good habits.

Why does nephrotic syndrome relapse?

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