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The risk of drinking alcohol with nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome should limit alcohol consumption. Drinking can lead to increased obesity, reduced glycogen synthesis. Especially obese, hypertensive, nephrotic syndrome and hyperlipidemia patients. Excessive drinking can reduce appetite, reduced food intake, resulting in a variety of nutrient deficiencies, severe alcoholic cirrhosis can occur. Patients with nephrotic syndrome should avoid alcohol, because alcohol can reduce renal blood flow, deterioration of renal function, and increase the burden on the heart.
Nephrotic syndrome prevention should pay attention to infection. Nephrotic syndrome patients themselves low resistance, prone to infection. Should let the nephrotic syndrome patients pay attention to the ventilation room, often take a bath, keep the skin clean, prevent urinary tract infection, pay attention to rest, cold season seasonal attention to prevent colds, infection occurs when the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.
Nephrotic syndrome patients with a small amount of drinking on the body is good, you can strengthen the body's ability to protect against UV damage and so on, but here is a small amount of less, about one day only into a few grams of alcohol, the general amount of alcohol is not so Less, the amount is difficult to control, so for their own health. Nephrotic syndrome patients is best not to drink, wine can not drink, life will not cause a big impact, there is no healthy body, you can not better enjoy the beauty of life.

Why do nephrotic syndrome do renal biopsy?

Because nephrotic syndrome is not a disease, but a group of similar clinical manifestations of the disease. The use of renal biopsy is conducive to a clear diagnosis, guidance and treatment, to determine the prognosis, to explore the relationship between clinical typing and pathological type, but also to improve the level of clinical treatment of kidney disease the main method.

Clear diagnosis: the current diagnosis of kidney disease is basically two kinds, one is the clinical diagnosis, the second is the diagnosis of immunology, the combination of the two applications in order to confirm the diagnosis, it must rely on renal biopsy. For example, the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome, pathology can be seen in a variety of lesions, such as minor lesions, podocytosis, IgA nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, focal segment glomerular sclerosis, and the final diagnosis must Rely on immune pathology diagnosis. And other rare diseases, such as amyloidosis, lipoprotein nephropathy, clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome, such as non-biopsy, clinical can not be diagnosed.

Guidance treatment: through renal biopsy after a clear diagnosis, for the clinical development of treatment programs, correction of treatment programs, to provide an important basis. If the diagnosis of renal biopsy for the small lesions, the application of hormone therapy is effective, and other pathological types, the reactivity of hormone therapy is also different, it may be early with cytotoxic drugs, so as not to delay the disease.

To determine the prognosis: a clear diagnosis of renal biopsy, basically can estimate the prognosis of the disease, the clinical diagnosis of the same type of kidney disease, pathological manifestations are not the same, the prognosis is not the same.


The risk of drinking alcohol with nephrotic syndrome
The risk of drinking alcohol with nephrotic syndrome


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