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Nephrotic syndrome causes infectious disease

Nephrotic syndrome is a serious kidney disease, leading to nephrotic syndrome, many causes, including infectious diseases and nephrotic syndrome are closely related to many patients with nephrotic syndrome is not the initial onset of nephrotic syndrome, but some infectious diseases , So what infectious diseases can lead to nephrotic syndrome?

Bacteria or viruses are the cause of common infectious diseases, and these diseases are generally cured by the use of antimicrobial or antiviral drugs. But if the treatment of these diseases is not timely or incomplete, the bacteria may be transferred from the original site to the kidneys, causing kidney inflammation, eventually leading to nephrotic syndrome. Common infectious diseases that may cause nephrotic syndrome are respiratory infections, pharyngitis, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, and the like.

Respiratory tract infection is the most common, due to the main site of the lungs, lungs and blood circulation is extremely rich, bacteria can easily penetrate into the blood through the blood vessels, with the blood circulation to reach the kidney, Urinary tract infection if the inflammation control is poor, there will be retrograde infection, that is, infection from the lower end of the urinary tract to the upper end of the spread, when the spread of kidney tissue, leading to inflammatory changes in kidney disease; tuberculosis for kidney damage is the main cause of renal tuberculosis, Renal autopsy and renal insufficiency and other diseases.

For the infection caused by inflammation of the kidneys, are likely to lead to the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome. Therefore, for infectious diseases should be actively treated, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

The above is the nephrotic syndrome caused by the introduction of infectious diseases, if the patient's physical discomfort symptoms, it is necessary to timely check to the hospital to avoid missing the best treatment time, causing unnecessary losses, if you still have Need to be a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the severity of the patient to give the most professional guidance.

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