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Do not use remedies for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome

Many folk remedies have a good effect on the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, but not all of the recipe is good, if their selection is not good, it is likely to hurt the body. So many friends want to ask the experts whether remedies have effect or not, the following we come to let our experts in detail understanding.

Proteinuria is the most important clinical manifestations of NS patients, but also the most basic pathophysiology of nephrotic syndrome.Proteinuria refers to adult urine protein excretion> 3.5g / d. In normal physiological conditions, glomerular filtration membrane with molecular barrier and charge barrier, resulting in increased protein content in the original urine, when far more than the proximal tubule back to the amount of absorption, the formation of a large number of proteinuria. On this basis, where the increase in glomerular pressure and lead to high perfusion, high filtration factors (such as high blood pressure, high protein diet or a large number of infusion of plasma protein) can increase the discharge of urine protein.

Nephrotic syndrome, the general treatment cycle is very long, so it will lead some patients do not believe in the treatment of regular hospitals, and to find nephrotic syndrome recipe. There are many places there will be nephrotic syndrome recipe, recipe, etc., to remind the majority of patients, with the recipe to be careful.

Many patients with nephrotic syndrome is confidential, many of which are not known, some drugs are toxic, if tempted to use, not only can not cure the disease, but to increase kidney disease, leading to kidney failure, uremia and other serious symptoms The

Some nephrotic syndrome prescriptions others eat really effective, but not necessarily effective for you. Because there are many types of nephritis, various types of lesions are different, the severity of the disease is different, Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation, according to different evidence, using different treatment. Therefore, remedies if not symptomatic, not only invalid, but played the opposite role.

For the patient's physical and mental health, we must carefully choose to go to the regular hospital for treatment, to avoid listening to the recipe, causing unnecessary losses, if you have more questions, you can consult our online experts.

Do not use remedies for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome

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