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What principles should nephrotic syndrome follow ?

  Nephrotic syndrome has already become the cosmopolitan treatment of problems ,the morbidity increase year by year ,more and more patients suffer a great deal from the disease .Faced these problems ,patients should how to prevent the sudden illness ?

  1.The early treatment of nephrotic syndrome patients is effective

  The early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome is not obvious ,so patients should try best to pay attention to your body changes ,if there is something wrong in your body ,should go to the hospital in time so as to clarify the diagnosis .

  2.Patients with nephropathy syndrome should insist on treatment .

  Once the kidney damaged ,it will need a long time to repair .Patients must insist on traditional Chinese medicine treatment ,the medicine must be according to the dosage and the taking cycles to reach the doctor prescribed course of treatment ;regular clinical follow-up ,adjust the medicine according to the doctor’s advice .

  3.Nephrotic syndrome patients must prevent infection and avoid catching a cold .

  Cold is the main inducing factors of kidney disease patients .The protein in nephrotic syndrome patient’ body run off from the urine ,the lost substances including an important part of the body’s immune defense ,such as immune globulin 、complement in blood serum .So kidney disease patients will easily occur infection ,including respiratory infection 、renal insufficiency 、intestinal infection 、peritonitis 、pleurisy 、subcutaneous soft tissue infection and so on .If occur infection ,patients should master two principles :positive and careful .at the same time should go the hospital immediately .

  4.Patients with nephrotic syndrome must be keep a good attitude .

  Keep a good psychosis ,do not give oneself increase undesirable psychology to allude ,don’t angry ,learn to relief approach things

  5.Nephrotic syndrome should have a reasonable diet

  Reasonable diet is important for nephrotic syndrome patients .So patients should restrain the bad dietary habit n case aggravate the illness .

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