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Principles for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome

In our daily life, we need to pay attention to the emergence of nephrotic syndrome, with serious disease, affecting many of the patient's body, usually we should as soon as possible to understand the disease development, and also should pay attention to comprehensive mediation, so as not to cause more pain, also want to pay attention to treatment, then what’s the principles for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome?

First, the early treatment of nephrotic syndrome patients with significant effect.

The early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are not very obvious, so patients try to pay more attention to their own physical changes, and if there is any discomfort symptoms, go to the hospital in time and make a definite diagnosis as soon as possible. Strive for early detection and early treatment.

Two, nephrotic syndrome patients should adhere to treatment

Once the kidneys are damaged, repair is a long process. Be sure to adhere to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, medication must be taken at dosage, medication cycle to meet the prescribed period of treatment; regular outpatient follow-up, in accordance with the doctor's advice to adjust medication. The treatment process of kidney disease is relatively long, and the long time treatment is easy to make some patients feel slack. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the recurrence by emphasizing "following the doctor's advice and regular follow-up".

Three, nephrotic syndrome patients must prevent colds, avoid infection

Cold is the most important predisposing factor in patients with kidney disease. In patients with nephrotic syndrome, large amounts of protein in the blood are removed from the urine, and lost substances include important components of our immune defences, such as immunoglobulins, complements, etc.. Therefore, patients with kidney disease are prone to infection, including respiratory tract infection, renal dysfunction, intestinal infection, peritonitis, pleurisy, subcutaneous soft tissue infections. If the infection occurs, we should pay attention to two principles: positive and prudent, and seek medical treatment at the same time.

Four, nephrotic syndrome patients must maintain a good state of mind

Maintain a good mental state, don't give yourself bad psychological suggestion, not angry, irritable, to learn to feel relieved of things.

Five, nephrotic syndrome patients should eat a reasonable diet

A reasonable diet is also important for people with nephrotic syndrome. Diet should follow the doctor's advice, reasonable diet, must refrain from disease is not conducive to the recovery of eating habits. So as not to cause exacerbations.

The above is about the treatment of nephrotic syndrome need to follow the principles, I believe you also know that if you need to have a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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