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Can children with nephrotic syndrome be vaccinated?

Today's social kidney disease has also become a relatively high incidence of chronic diseases, including many children, children are hard to escape. Many of them are manifested in a large number of albuminuria, hypoproteinemia, high edema, hyperlipidemia, and nephrotic syndrome. However, children and children are vulnerable to epidemic diseases, from birth to growth, they need to be vaccinated to prevent.

Can children with nephrotic syndrome be vaccinated?

Can children with nephrotic syndrome be vaccinated?

Children with nephrotic syndrome. Because the immune complex is attached to the glomerular basement membrane, the renal cells and glomeruli are damaged. Vaccination at this time is likely to aggravate the disease. But if the vaccine is not easy to catch the disease, we must carefully decide the vaccine problem and seek the guidance of the physician.

According to the specific condition of the child. The children in the past six months or more than half a year, review the protein, occult blood condition is not serious, the condition is relatively stable, tends to improve, such a scenario is generally acceptable in some vaccines. But not all, measles, BCG, and so on are not allowed.

Children in the kidney disease stability, stop medicine for about a year or so, no symptoms of recurrence of kidney disease, so that the same as normal children can be vaccinated. It is important to pay attention to the preventive measures to prevent the recurrence and recurrence of the kidney. So don't do it again, nephrotic syndrome children can not be vaccinated and hesitate. Can gather the specific condition of the child, consult the doctor and the local epidemic prevention station staff. If the nephritic child can not be vaccinated, do not worry, and should pay more attention to the prevention of children's infectious diseases.

Therefore, children with nephrotic syndrome whether or not be vaccinated, can not be generalized, but to combine the severity of children's condition, as well as the history of children's allergy. Parents can consult the staff of the epidemic prevention station and the nephrology specialist.


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