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Prevent uremia need to have a good habit

  A good living habit have a closely relationship with nephritic syndrome .Patients can through correct some bad habit to achieve the goal of prevent nephrotic syndrome .So patients who want to effective prevent the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome should have a good living habit .

  1.Have a regular life ,for patients with irregular living habits will aggravate physical acidification .Form a good habit can keep alkalescent constitution ,thus making the kidney disease keep away from yourself .

  2.Keep a good mood ,don’t have oversize mental pressure ,excessive pressure will cause acid deposition ,affecting normal metabolism. Proper adjust mood and pressure can keep alkalescent constitution ,thus preventing the occurrence of the kidney disease .

  3.Not eat polluted food ,such as polluted water、crop 、poultry fish’s egg and so on .Eat more green foods .

  4.Keep away from wine and smoke .Wine and smoke belongs to typical acid food ,drinking and smoking without limit will easily cause the human body acidification ,thus causing kidney disease .

  5.Excessive use of painkillers ,long-term use of mixed paregoric ,the blood flow velocity of the human body will be forced to reduce ,thus serious affect the renal function .In addition,take paregoric blindly will easily cause kidney disease .

  6.Don’t hold back the urine ,long-term hold back the urine will cause kidney disease .If long-term hold back the urine ,the urine cannot wash away the bacteria ,a large amount of bacteria accumulate in the urine will cause urinary tract infection

  So patients should form a good habit ,only in this wat can effective prevent the damage of the kidney disease .For patients with nephrotic syndrome should go to the hospital as soon as possible .

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