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The diet of patients with low creatinine

  Serum creatinine is a product of the human body muscle metabolism ,in the muscle ,creatine mainly through the irreversible non-enzyme dehydration reaction slowly forming creatinine ,and then released into the blood and excretion along with the urine .Creatinine is the small molecule material ,which can through the glomerulus filtration ,rarely absorption in the kidney tubules ,almost all of the the daily creatinine in the body can expel from outside the body along with the urine ,commonly it is not affected by the urine volume .In general ,the normal serum creatinine of healthy people is 44-133 umol / L( 0.5~1.5 ml / L).When the glomerular filtration function is normal ,fasting serum creatinine levels maintain stable ,that is less than 133umol / L.So what are the matters of low creatinine patients should pay attention to ?

  1.Patients with serious edema 、high blood pressure and heart failure should strict control the salt .

  2.Patients without obvious oliguria and edema should not limit the intake of water and salt ,have a low salt diet .

  3.The intake of protein :In order to control patient’s renal function continue to deterioration ,patients should control the intake of protein and choose the foods that contain high quality protein .The daily protein intake should control within 0.8-1.0 g .

  4.Choose the foods which contain rich vitamin A 、B2 and C .

  5.Control the intake of salt : Control the intake of salt should be based on the condition of whether there is high blood pressure and edema ,if have should control salt and have low-salt or salt-free diet .

  6.Patients should insist on “five low and one high ”principle ,that is low salt、low potassium、low phosphorus 、low fat and high vitamin .At the same time ,patients should give up smoking and drinking ,avoid catching a cold、fever and infection .

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