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Daily nurse of nephrotic syndrome

  1、Get up in time and be careful of sunshine

  It ios very hot in summer and the sunniness time is long. Patients should comply the regulation of the weather and get the right habits. It is better to arrange half an hour time to have a rest around 1pm. That can not only ensure physical power but also be useful of getting well soon. Some bad radical in the sunshine, like X-Ray is easy to damage the body to result in scytitis.

  2、Be on a good diet and do not eat cold food

  There are various of fruits and vegetables in summer and they are very attractive. But the patients should comply with diet principle firmly to avoid aggravating the burden od kidney.

  3、Pay attention to skin care

  Keep the skin clean and dry and prevent it from being bruised and pressed. The patients' bedding should be comfortable and soft.

  4、Be careful of the use of medicine.

  Patients with severe edema should avoid being injure in body. Because severe edema can make the medicine stay in body for a long time and may have a bad result.

  5、Care about room environment and sleep hygiene

  In summer, the patients' room should be clean、roomy、bright and ventilate. It is very important to keep a certain warm. The air conditioning temperature should not be too low and lower 5℃ to 6℃ is suitable, or it will cause cold.

  6、Keep in good mood

  A bad mood is always an important reason of fluctuation of blood pressure. Since the treat course is long, the patients must have the confidence of controlling the disease and mediate mood in a skillful way, like calligraphy、reading、chess and so on.

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