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Diet of renal cyst in winter and autumn

  Diet of renal cyst patients in winter and autumn are important and patients can keep on a diet skillfully. A good diet is a wonderful way to protect our kidneys. Now we will introduce you some diet skill about renal cyst. We really hope you can know how to have a healthy body through this article.

  1. Drink more water,supply mineral substance.

  It it a key for renal cyst to drink more water. But at the same time only water is not enough. Have some beverage which contains much mineral substance. Have more vegetable soup at meal. Vegetable soup contains much inorganic salt which is necessary to our body, like sodium、potassium and magnesium.

  2. Do not have food which is too light

  Renal cyst patients should not have too light food. Experts of renal cyst said: if renal cyst have light food for a long time,his body will be lack of calories and protein,then control the compound of immune globulin.

  3. Do not have porridge only.

  Many families,especially families with old people, always have porridge and noodle as the staple food. Actually it’s not better. If you do like this,it’s better to cook thick porridge and have some fruits or desserts between meal. If not,should cook dilute porridge and have some rice or steamed bun. This can make people feel full.

  These are some diet skills of renal cyst patients in autumn and winter. It is key to have a good nurse. If you still do not understand something, you can ask our experts online.

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