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Diet principle of polycystic kidney

  We all know that polycystic kidney is a genetic renal disease and it is difficult to be cured,so diet become so important for those who have get this disease. Now we will introduce diet principles of it.

  Polycystic kidney become more and more common seen in our daily life and it begin to influence patients lives.

  1. Control fat intake. Decline fat intake is to control the supply of calories. Generally speaking,the standard is it can maintain the ideal weight. For polycystic kidney patients have the symptom of lipid metabolism disorders,large amount of protein should be controlled.

  2. Proper protein. Protein is a type of necessary nutrient. If take too much protein,renal burden will be heavy and this will hurt patients’kidneys more;if too little,it may hinder nutrient supply.

  3. Enough vitamin. Especially vitamin B. It can not only adjust metabolism of our body but also ensure nutrient supply.

  4. Low salt. Avoid salt food and control the salt intake.

  5. Drink large amount of water. Water intake everyday should be more than 2500ml. This is helpful for discharging rubbish.

  6. Have light food. Avoid spicy food,like pepper、green onion and garlic.

  These are the introduction about polycystic kidney. I think you may learn more knowledges about it. We really hope these can help you and if you still have something need to know,talk to our experts online.

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