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How to nurse well the polycystic nephropathy patients after operation?

  When the cysts increase slowly can control it by drugs .Once the cysts cannot control and continue to enlarge should consider taking surgery in case threaten patient’s health .So patients should how to take good care of themselves after surgery ?

  1.Closely observe patient’s respiratory rate 、depth 、rhythm ,notice the incision and puncture hole dressing ooze blood and abdomen ,can direct the patients have a deep breath ,effective cough, promote the sputum ejectment and give the patients low-flow oxygen uptake .

  2.Patients should lie on the back ,the head amesiality ,immediately absorb oxygen and keep the respiratory tract clear.After the illness stable can change into half-lie location in order to contribute to the retroperitoneal drainage ,after 24 hours patients can get up and can eat semi-liquid diets ,after two days can change into normal diet .

  3.After operation ,patients should carefully observe the peritoneal drainage tube ,avoid folding 、pressing ,thus blocking the drainage tube ;closely observe the color 、character and the quantity change of the drainage liquid ,when the drainage liquid have a large quantity and the blood pressure lower refers to internal haemorrhage ,should immediately deal with it .

  4.More cysts 、polycystic nephropathy or the cyst bulge not obvious ,the patients with thicker capsule wall will easily occur leakage of urine after operation ,should give enough drainage in order to prevent leakage of urine ,keep the drainage tube clear in case blocking let the urine exosmosis to enterocoelia and occur infection .After the drainage of fluid decreases obviously can remove the drainage tube.

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