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What are the harm of high creatinine?

  Is high creatinine need to treatment ?What kinds of aspects that can harm high creatinine ?Creatinine high stands for kidney get damaged ,kidney problems are difficult to treat ,which is serious threat to people’s life and health ,so patients should pay more attention .There are some aspects that can harm high creatinine :

  1.Cardiovascular system : Patients can occur heart failure 、myocardial damage and cardiac arrhythmia and other symptoms .

  2.Digestive system:patients will occur nausea、vomiting 、anorexia and diarrhea with the deterioration of the illness .

  3.Respiratory system: When patients suffer form acidosis ,will occur breathe deep and long and accompany with ammonia smell ,for serious patients even occur pulmonary edema and lung calcification and so on .

  4.Nervous system :Patients will occur headache 、weak and forgetfulness in the early stage ,with the deterioration of the illness patients can occur dysphoria and tic and other symptoms ,if cannot immediate control patients may occur drowsiness and insensible symptoms .

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