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What are the bad habits cause polycystic kidney?

There are many causes of polycystic kidney disease, and polycystic kidney disease is a common hereditary kidney disease, which threatens the structure of renal function and leads to kidney failure. So, what are the causes of polycystic kidney disease? Please ask the experts to give us a detailed introduction.

Perhaps everyone does not know, bad eating habits may cause many diseases, of course, is also an important factor in the emergence, development and change of cystic disease.

The main causes of polycystic kidney disease are:

Improper diet, such as hunger, malnutrition; satiety is easy to damage the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function and blood circulation disorder; eiofsf is easy to produce heat.

Polycystic kidney diet is not clean, light may cause gastrointestinal diseases, severe poisoning and even life-threatening.

The cause of polycystic kidney disease have dietetic habits, such as eat cold cold, easily hurt the stomach Yang, eat hot drugs can cause gastrointestinal heat accumulation, have five kinds of preference, for a long time is easy to hurt the viscera. The influence of these dietary habits on the body is obvious. They also directly or indirectly affect the development of cystic diseases. For cystic disease, clinically we emphasize the following aspects, such as pepper, spicy, alcohol, smoking (including passive smoking), chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab and other "objects"; salty foods, especially pickled; contaminated food such as health food and the rotten leftovers, etc.; barbecue food; in addition, should also limit the animal with high protein and high fat and greasy foods, namely the Feiganhouwei limit; beans and bean products, especially in patients with renal insufficiency should pay more attention to.

Above is the relevant introduction of polycystic kidney disease, through a brief introduction of this paper, we must have a clear understanding, and hope to do related to disease prevention and treatment, if you want to know what the problem or good advice, can give us a message consulting.

What are the bad habits cause polycystic kidney?

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