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What should pregnant women with polycystic kidney disease pay attention?

It is common knowledge that polycystic kidney disease is hereditary and that polycystic kidney disease is very likely to be passed on to infants. Then, as pregnant women kidney disease patients should do what nursing? We all know that pregnant women have little attention to themselves and their children have influence, or even hurt, below to find out some nursing knowledge of pregnant women polycystic kidney.

Pregnant women with polycystic kidney in tenth weeks of pregnancy when the best go to the hospital to do a check, check the villus cells' gene cyst ', heritability of polycystic kidney is 5/10, go to the hospital to help families choose a polycystic kidney do not carry the genetic health of children. It also shows that polycystic kidney disease can be prevented. The risk of kidney disease is very serious, do not infect the child.

There are many places that should pay attention to the diet of pregnant women with polycystic kidney disease, for example, can not eat salty foods (including pickled); can not eat spicy spicy chili, including wine, shrimp, crab and other food; do not eat contaminated food (including rotten leftovers, etc.) and fasting barbecue food and so on. Pay attention to rest, not too tired.

Most polycystic kidney disease is familial, because it is dominant inheritance, so boys and girls are likely to inherit. Must be based on the symptoms of kidney disease in a timely manner. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to what the above care oh. As long as the care and adhere to, believe that babies will be healthy. So, do not give yourself too much pressure at ordinary times.

The above is the introduction of polycystic kidney patients, I hope to help you you, through this article related to the introduction, we must have a certain understanding of it! If you have any questions or suggestions you want to know, you can leave a message for us. We will answer the question for you free of charge.

What should pregnant women with polycystic kidney disease pay attention?

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