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What diet should congenital polycystic kidney pay attention?

Although polycystic kidney patients may have resulted in a large number of protein in the urine protein leakage phenomenon, but for the diet requires a low protein diet, because of the high protein will increase the burden on the kidney, polycystic kidney patients per kilogram of body weight per day into 0.6 grams of protein per day, and more into the liquid (in 3000 ml), but if the amount of urine every day is less than 1000 ml or edema, heart failure, should be strictly less water, and eat less salt, less potassium containing foods such as orange, orange, all kinds of fruits such as low phosphorus diet. Don't eat crab, do not eat foods containing vegetable protein such as peanuts, beans, beans, nuts, Soybean Milk etc. can not eat more calories, such as eating apples, sweet potato, yam and so on, to about 30kcal per kilogram of body weight daily calories.
Fermented food: the fermented food here is not what we usually call loose and porous steamed bread, bread, fried dough sticks and so on, but fermented food, such as tofu and stinky eggs. Avoid the use of this kind, will be beneficial to the growth rate of the cyst.
Visceral food: animal offal can not be cooked to eat as polycystic kidney patients, especially animal liver, liver is the detoxification of animal plant, animal at slaughter process many toxins left in the liver and kidney, especially the liver, liver function is detoxification, many animal metabolic toxins are left in the gut if the patient, taking these substances invisible to increase the burden on the kidneys, aggravating illness.
Coffee and chocolate are strictly prohibited
Vegetables and fruits: eat more vitamin high, iron rich fruits and vegetables; eat more soluble fossils of vegetables, food, such as black fungus; eat more diuretic food; eat more alkaline food, help to treat.

What diet should congenital polycystic kidney pay attention?

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