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How do polycystic kidney disease in patients with hematuria?

Most of the reasons for polycystic kidney disease is due to genetic factors, Of course, polycystic kidney, in addition to genetic problems, the most troublesome is the repeated problems of hematuria, so the general discovery of polycystic kidney disease we have to control in time, do not let it continue deterioration. Here we come together to find out about it!

Polycystic renal hematuria is a common complication of patients with polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease cyst less or early bleeding less, but most of the cysts of patients with cysts are constantly growing up, the ultimate will lead to rupture of bleeding, mainly due to cyst enlargement, high pressure, leading to rupture of cystic wall and bleeding. The amount of bleeding varies, and more than 60% of patients with polycystic kidney disease have had one bleeding in their lives.

Patients can be asymptomatic or only abdominal pain, when the bleeding of the renal capsule and urethra is not connected, will have a strong pain. Hypertension and kidney volume increase is a high risk factor for renal capsule hemorrhage, infection,stress reaction is easy to induce a large area hemorrhage. Congestive renal rupture induced super large amounts of blood into the peritoneal after application of CT and MRI for diagnosis.

The treatment of polycystic kidney disease including bed rest and analgesic symptomatic treatment, the majority of bleeding in 48 hours to 1 week can be self-stagnation. Bleeding more than 1 week or the first occurrence of patients over the age of 50, should pay attention to exclude the possibility of tumor.A large number of bleeding, can be given to increase the number of dialysis, severe control of the amount of anticoagulant, try to use half-life of small molecular heparin. The occurrence of bleeding to remind the deterioration of renal function, the prognosis is less than the poor bleeding.

Polycystic kidney disease is a common congenital hereditary disease, clinical polycystic kidney disease has a family history, usually polycystic kidney disease in men with excess women, and the vast majority of polycystic kidney disease for dominant hereditary disease, onset after middle age (after 30 years). If you have any questions you want to know, please give us a message.

How do polycystic kidney disease in patients with hematuria?

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