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The causes of high or low creatinine in patients with renal disease

Patients with kidney disease will experience fluctuations in creatinine during clinical examinations with a serum creatinine above normal and urinary creatinine below normal.

The causes of high or low creatinine in patients with renal disease

This is because the kidney after various causes of invasion, first damaged inherent cells of the kidney phenotypic transformation, the formation of pathological changes, stimulate the transformation of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts in the kidney. At the same time, it invades and excites the inherent normal renal tissue, and the same pathological changes occur, thus forming the kidney spreading process from point to surface, from local to whole, and expand the excitation type. Thus entering the stage of organ damage (that is, renal function injury period), this time due to continued kidney damage, the excretion of waste function has decreased, resulting in accumulation of creatinine and other toxins in the body, resulting in blood creatinine, elevated urea nitrogen, decreased urinary creatinine, renal filtration rate decreased. While patients will have high blood pressure, high edema and other body symptoms.

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