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To prevent polycystic kidney disease, you must "reject" thes

Polycystic kidney disease is a type of kidney disease, and the severity of this kidney disease is very serious. If the disease is not aware, or is stimulated by external factors, it will continue to grow, then affect kidney function, and eventually lead to renal failure. Therefore, we must learn how to prevent polycystic kidney disease.

To prevent polycystic kidney disease, you must "reject" these foods

Prevent polycystic kidneys and refuse certain foods to start::

1. Fermented food

The fermented foods mentioned here are mainly fermented foods such as fermented bean curd and rotten eggs. Eating such foods will exacerbate the growth rate of cysts. Therefore, prevent polycystic kidney, absolutely do not eat fermented food.

2. High protein food

In the diet for preventing polycystic kidney disease, low protein diets should be used to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body and reduce the excretion of the kidneys. Such as soybeans, tofu, and other bean products.

3. Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol, especially liquor, should be banned for patients with polycystic kidney disease. Alcohol is particularly important for irritating kidneys. It stimulates the activity of polycystin and accelerates the growth of cysts. Therefore, when preventing polycystic kidney disease, try to minimize alcoholic beverages in the diet.

4. Visceral food

The viscera of animals must not be eaten as mature foods, especially animal livers. During the process of slaughtering animals, many toxins are left in the liver and kidneys, especially the liver. The function of the liver is detoxification, and many animals metabolize toxins are left in the viscera. If patients take these substances intangible to the kidneys to increase the burden, aggravate the condition.

It's good for these patients to eat, but keep in mind!

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, foods rich in iron, such as carrots. A vegetable food that can dissolve fossils, such as black fungus. Foods with diuretic effects (radish, wax gourd).

Experts advise:

As you can see in the list of foods that prevent polycystic kidneys from being eaten, some foods are not eaten by normal people, so you can prevent polycystic kidneys if you pay more attention to them in your life. Here also to remind that, under normal circumstances, the occurrence of polycystic kidney disease is related to genetic factors.

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