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What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease?

Polycystic kidney disease is a common kidney disease. It is a hereditary disease. Understanding the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease at different stages can help us to better treat polycystic kidney disease. Polycystic kidney disease is pided into five stages: occurrence stage, growth stage, swelling stage, ulceration stage, and uremic stage.

What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease?

Occurrence: Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary disease. It has been carried since birth and there are no symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, patients with a family history and friends without a family history must undergo regular physical examinations in order to achieve early detection and early treatment.

Growth period: This period of cystic kidney, growth rate will be very fast, patients should strengthen treatment. When this period occurs, the patient is generally between 30 and 40 years of age.

Swelling period: The cysts in this period have been very large, and with many symptoms will appear, such as low back pain, proteinuria, high blood pressure, etc., is the critical period of the treatment of integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

Rupture period: The cyst continues to grow and breaks, and it may be caused by some external factors.

Uremic period: This period is the most dangerous, even threatening human life, leading to death, dialysis and kidney transplantation is commonly used.

Under normal circumstances, after checking out polycystic kidney disease, the patient must maintain an optimistic attitude firstly. If it has not yet affected the normal life of the patient, he or she usually needs to be careful not to eat or eat less salty, spicy or other irritating foods.  The time of action should be regular , mood is calm and optimistic; if the impact on the normal life of patients, usually pay attention to the above a few, but also for treatment, and the sooner the better, or let it develop to renal failure uremia, it is too late.

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