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Eight habits that can hurt your kidney

  Kidney is a important organ of us and its basic function is discharge metabolite or other rubbish and toxin in our body by creating urine. At the same time,it can retain water and other useful substance such as protein and glucose by reabsorption. According to this,kidney adjust water and electrolyte balance to keep acid-base equilibrium. These functions can not only ensure the stable of body environment but also keep normal metabolism. In a word,it is important for us to protect our kidney from getting any disease.

  Eight habits that can hurt our kidneys:

  1. Have a lot of medicine one time or for long time that can diminish inflammation or stop pain,like aspirin. This behaviour is bad to our body and it may cause renal damage. The expression of kidney damage are lacing in strength、bad appetite or blood urine and so on. Sometimes acute nephritis or tubular necrosis may occur directly.

  2. Have too much Chinese Herbal Medicine.

  Recent years more and more clinic studies find that some Chinese Herbal Medicine may damage our kidneys,such as wild aconite or Aristolochia fangchi. So before you have Chinese Herbal Medicine,ask the doctors’advice.

  3. Eat and drink too much. Nowadays people tend to go to restaurant and they eat too much various of complex food. However,these food can create one type of rubbish,namely Uric Acid. Most of these rubbish discharged by kidney and this can certainly aggravate renal burden.

  4. Too little water intake.

  If people do not have water for a long time,their urine volume may be decline and rubbish and toxin in urine may increase. On clinic,common seen renal disease like kidney stone and hydronephrosis are closely related to little water intake. Enough water can attenuate urine and protect kidneys and help discharge toxin and rubbish.

  5. Drink too much beverage.

  Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks can damage our kidneys indirectly. The power of hydrogen in our body is seven. However,these beverage is always acidic and it may change power of hydrogen in our body. Kidney is the main organ that adjust PH and drink too much beverage may aggravate kidney burden and increase ratio of renal damage.

  6. Have bread which is too fluffy bread. There is a type of food additives which can hurt our nervous centralis、blood or kidney.

  7. Have strong tea after drinking.

  Some people think have some strong tea can help dispel the effects of alcohol. However,this can not only be noneffective but also hurt our kidney.

  8. Have too salt food.

  Such food like instant noodles and chips contains too much salt,if people have them,it means they have more salt. This can make blood pressure rise and blood in kidney can not maintain the normal flow rate,then renal disease occur.

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