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Nurse method of children with renal disease

  What is the better way to take care of children with renal disease? Children are different with adults in many aspects. Their self-protection sense is weak and they don’t know how to care about their body after get disease. So all these need their parents to do for them. Now we will introduce some ways to nurse children.

  1. Do not ne too tired.

  The self-discipline of children are weak and they may feel everything is fresh after they go out of hospital and they are easy to be tired since of long time playing. At this time parents should arrange the time for children to ensure their enough rest.

  2. Low-salt diet.

  This is particularly necessary for children whose blood pressure is abnormal. However,low-salt diet will decline appetite of children. Only if the edema and high blood pressure disappear can children have food as usual. It is better not to have steamed buns and soda biscuit for there is sodium in it. Children may have some fresh fruits and vegetables to supply vitamin.

  3. Change cloth often.

  Infection is a common reason that may make renal disease recover. Help children take a bath and change cloths often to make their skin clean. This is a better way to prevent infection.

  4. Do not go to public place often.

  Keep the room air fresh and do not take children to public place like shops and cinemas.

  In a word,even children with renal disease have already go out of the hospital,good nurse work is still important for them.

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