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More tofu will hurt your kidney

  Tofu is one type of delicious food which is welcomed by people. But do you know,it also has its side effect and it will hurt our body if eat too much. Protein in tofu is more than beans and it totally belong to complete protein which contains eight types of amino acids which our body need.

  1. Increase kidney burden.

  In normal condition,vegetable protein people take will become into rubbish which contains nitrogen according to metabolism and it will be discharged out of body by kidney. When people become old,their kidneys’function to discharge rubbish decline,if they do not take care of diet and eat to much tofu,their kidneys will be hurt. Much vegetable protein will create more rubbish which contains much nitrogen.

  2.Dyspepsia occur.

  Tofu is rich in protein. If people eat too much one time,it will be bad for the absorption of iron element and easy to cause dyspepsia. At last abdominal distension or diarrhea occur.

  3. Gout occur.

  There are much purine in tofu and the abnormal metabolism of purine will make make more people get gout. And the concentration of their blood uric acid will increase.

  Thus it can be seen it may hurt your kidneys if you eat tofu too much.

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