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Can the purpura nephritis patient eat the egg?

Nursing for patients with purpuric nephritis must be correct and comprehensive treatment, so as to better assist purpura nephritis, quicker rehabilitation, the patients with purpuric nephritis diet is a major aspect of purpura nephritis how diet. Can purpura nephritis eat eggs?

First purpura nephritis should not eat eggs: eggs can add protein, but should be appropriate, white boiled eggs, one to two a day, not recommended to eat fried eggs.

Can the purpura nephritis patient eat the egg?Second, patients with purpura nephritis should eat food rich high vitamin C. Vitamin C has the effect of reducing capillary permeability and brittleness. Patients who eat more of these foods can help to recover. Foods rich in vitamin C include grapefruit, oranges, oranges, apples, lemons, strawberries, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, and various leafy greens.

Finally, patients with purpura nephritis often due to excessive bleeding caused by anemia, so it is necessary to eat more rich in protein and blood food, to supplement the needs of the body. These foods are mainly lean meat, eggs, animal liver, kidney, spinach, tomatoes, kelp, seaweed, edible fungus, jujube and beans and their products.

Dietary requirements of patients with purpura nephritis: should immediately stop contact with the use of food may cause allergic purpura, such as milk, crab, shrimp, lamb and so on. Should be based on different types of purpura nephritis, the use of different foods, such as hot poison into the blood, Hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency who should choose partial cold food, such as fresh lotus root, water chestnuts, shepherd's purse, pear, carambola, lotus seeds, fungus, Leaves, thistles and so on. Purpura nephritis is not Qi and so on, should use spleen and kidney, nourishing tonic products, such as meat, skim milk powder, red dates, lotus seeds and so on.

Above is the related introduction about diet of patients with purpura nephritis, through the simple treatment of patients with purpura nephritis, if you still have any questions or suggestions, you can give us a message consultation.

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