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How to prevent purpura nephritis ?

  Kidney damage caused by allergic purpura commonly called purpura nephritis ,patients will occur blood urine 、proteinuria 、stomachache 、hematochezia and other symptoms .So how to prevent purpura nephritis ?

  1.Have a good rest

  Adult should ensure seven to eight hours of sleep every day ,the children need to ensure eight to nine hours ,sleep too little or too much is bad for your health ,so people who like sleeping should pay attention to ,it may be endangering your health .

  2.Diet should ba light

  Light diet is not equal to salt-free diet ,if not ingest salt will cause big damage to human body ,so it is better for patients not to eat salty foods ,at the same time not to eat cold and sour or spicy foods .

  3.Be cautious to use the drugs

  Improving the renal function at the same time pay attention to the drugs that can cause allergic purpura nephritis ,such as penicillin 、streptomycin and bute .

  4.Early treatment

  Patients with purpura nephritis should have a regular examination ,if there is something wrong should go to the hospital as soon as possible .

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