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how diet patients with high creatinine?

  Reasonable diet is the basic condition of maintain a healthy body ,for some special groups ,such as patients with high creatinine in addition to adhere to have a reasonable diet ,it is good for health ,and not increase the kidney burden ,patients should also pay attention to the diet details .So how creatinine patients to eat ?

  In particular ,the dietary principles of patient with high creatinine is as follows :

  1.Limit the intake of salt :In general ,patient’s creatinine in renal insufficiency compensatory and azotemia stage is high ,and began to appear all sorts of mild clinical symptoms ,but due to the pathology moderate injury can see if there is high blood pressure and edema ,control the intake of salt and give low salt diet or salt free diet respectively .

  2.The supplement of protein :Due to end-stage patients occur azotemia and renal insufficiency ,in order to control the renal function continue deteriorate ,should control the intake of protein and choose high quality protein foods .

  3.The intake of vitamin:Patients with renal failure and serum creatinine should choose the foods with rich vitamin A,B2 and C .

  If renal insufficiency only have renal failure and high serum creatinine ,but without oliguria and edema should not limit the intake of salt and water ,maintain low salt diet .If there is serious edema ,high blood pressure even heart failure should strictly limit the intake of salt .

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