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Introduction of daily dietary conditioning methods for hydro

In the case of the disease of the hydronephrosis, our patients need scientific drug treatment at the same time, should also pay attention to do some diet care, so as to be able to recover early to help our patients with hydronephrosis earlier away from the disease , Get rid of torture troubles, then we follow the experts together to understand the hydronephrosis of the diet in the end what is the way?

Hydronephrosis daily diet conditioning: hydronephrosis of the daily diet to try to eat or eat less salty and high protein things. Such as more salt, eggs, potatoes, soybeans, etc., may be appropriate to eat white radish and honey and other food is conducive to clear the waterway. Do not eat fried, pickled foods, cola, hamburgers, milk, sugar, nuts, beans, meat dishes and so on. Drink plenty of water (this must be done, the premise is not edema, edema to 80% of urine output), can eat rice, coarse grains. But the dishes to the main vegetables, meals have vegetables, supplemented by other vegetables. Increase the energy intake, but in order to avoid increasing the burden of water and kidney, should not eat too much food rich in protein. Energy intake depends mainly on carbohydrates and fatty foods. Such as unilateral hydronephrosis, do not limit the amount of water, if bilateral hydronephrosis, renal dysfunction, to limit the daily intake of water.

Boiled beans and their products (such as tofu, bean sprouts, soy flour, etc.). There are edema, high blood pressure, heart failure, should eat less salt or salt-free diet. Diet to eat some light, avoid eating wine and spicy food, Eat greasy and animal protein containing more than the Hunxing food (such as fat, shrimp, crab, etc.). Limit the salt diet. Add enough calories, but does not limit the protein, should be high-quality protein-based, but the emergence of azotemia renal dysfunction symptoms, should limit the protein diet. We pay attention to these diet nursed back to health care measures, and when we suffer from this disease, we believe that it is very important for disease cure and cure, and hope that our disease patients can pay attention to science after illness The treatment and care, do not delay the treatment of time, do not fall into the treatment of the errors.


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