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Does regular drinking coffee hurt the kidneys?

Coffee is bad for the human body! Especially when you stay up late and feel tired, the more coffee you drink, the more likely it is to injure your body, and the most obvious one is our kidneys. If you feel a little deficiency of the kidney, it's probably the result of a long cup of coffee. So how do we stop drinking coffee and stop the harm to us? The following introduction will let you know better, and hope to be helpful to the patient.

Caffeine is the most controversial  coffee ingredients, xanthine of such chemicals. A lethal dose estimation is more than 10g (about 170mg per kilogram of body weight), equal to the fast continuous drink 80-100 cup of coffee, although this is not an easy job to do, but Chinese women has warned that the symptoms of kidney deficiency and also drink too much coffee really has a fatal threat to physical. Western medicine believes that caffeine will pass through the stomach and small intestine into the blood vessel, take 15 minutes later will promote the acceleration of the heart, blood vessels contraction, expand the channel.

Once in the body, it takes about 6 hours to rule out half the caffeine. Chinese medicine said, drinking more than 300CC coffee every day will make you become very troublesome, and "very difficult to come back" kidney yin deficiency physique. If the 3-4 option is more than what you have, you may be due to drunk coffee due to kidney water shortages, and selected the more, more serious situation!

In addition to coffee, usually to eat some sticky ingredients, such as rice, sweet potatoes, yams, beans, okra, sodium kelp, seaweed, tremella, mung bean, barley, taste, once apple, can effectively improve the kidney! So, after the three or five time can be cooked glutinous rice porridge, a bowl hot okra, yam pork soup, mung bean soup, seaweed soup, red dates taste had white fungus soup, not only when craving snacks, but also can improve the kidney yin deficiency.

According to the above introduction and I hope can make you better know that drinking a lot of coffee caused damage to the body and understand the disease. If there will be a better prevention of injury to the body, so as not to aggravate the condition, affect your normal life, if patients with kidney problems must be to the regular hospital for examination if nephropathy. If you still have a diet or other nephropathy knowledge need for consultation, you can contact our online expert, our experts will give you a reply as soon as possible.

Does regular drinking coffee hurt the kidneys?

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