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Dietary attention of patients with renal cyst

There are many things to note about the diet of patients with renal cysts. Patients with renal cysts should pay attention to the diet. Today, let's take a look at the diet of kidney cysts.

Patients with renal cysts should eat high-quality protein foods, pay attention to add high fiber and methods of food and low in fat and appropriate sugar diet. Not a partial eclipse, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, beef, sheep, pig lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, fish and shrimp can be eaten.

For patients with renal cyst , such as eating cold and cold, is easy to hurt the stomach Yang, eat hot drugs can cause gastrointestinal heat accumulation, have five kinds of preference, for a long time is easy to hurt the viscera.

Drink plenty of water: a variety of kidney disease due to different causes of disease, different course, treatment is not the same.In mild renal failure, the renal function of concentration decreased, metabolic products need more water can be discharged from the kidney, therefore, kidney disease such as no obvious edema, heart failure, hypertension, should not blindly limit water.

Patients with kidney cyst should pay attention not to eat salty and spicy stimulation of food, do not eat contaminated, do not eat barbecue, and renal insufficiency or uremia should also pay attention to beans and their products do not eat, limiting animal high protein foods, greasy food and so on.

Above is the introduction of the renal cyst diet,we must have a certain understanding of it!If you have any questions or suggestions you want to know, you can leave a message for us.

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