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Children kidney disease with caution seasoning food

For children's kidney health, use seasoning foods carefully! Among them, seasoning food is absolutely not to the baby to eat, they will hurt the baby's kidney system.

Fruit: children who are 3 years old have a high risk of food allergies. Generally speaking, easy to cause allergic fruit, preferably not to the baby to eat, such as mango, pineapple, and peach, kiwi and other hairy fruit.

Staple foods: too fine Cereals, vitamins are damaged, especially reducing the intake of B vitamins, will affect the development of the nervous system of the baby. But also because of the loss of excessive chromium and affect the development of vision, myopia has become a major cause of formation.

Meat: meat rich in iron and protein, is generally considered to be very nutritious food, stew the meat melted or torn into filaments, are beneficial to let your baby eat well. However, egg white and crab, shrimp and other shell like seafood, it is best not to appear on the baby table before the age of one.

Vegetables: spinach, leek, amaranth and other vegetables containing large amount of oxalic acid, beans, bamboo shoots and burdock and other vegetables are difficult to digest in the food supplement in premature.

Seasoning: barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, mustard, monosodium glutamate, or too much sugar and heavier taste seasoning, easy to increase the baby's kidney burden, the absorption of other nutrients the body interference. Children less than one year old do not eat salt, MSG too much will affect the use of zinc in the blood.

Beverages: mineral water, pure water and functional drinks, as well as cola, coffee, tea and other containing too much sugar or caffeine, and no nutritional stimulating drinks, infants should not drink.

Snacks: snacks containing additives and pigments, these nutrients less, high sugar content, but also easy to damage the baby's taste, causing tooth decay and so on. Especially candy containing ginseng, biscuits, milk powder, wheat, lactose and royal jelly, etc., are not suitable for baby food.

The above introduction, believe that mom and dad are clear, hoping to help you, if you have a kidney disease knowledge requires a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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