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Nephropathy doctor: dietary guidelines for lupus nephritis

Lupus nephritis is a very serious kidney disease, and patients should pay attention to it. Symptoms should be promptly treated, but also in the diet should pay special attention to, this is the development of the patient's condition is influential. It is important to patients with lupus nephritis treatment, but the diet is very important, lupus nephritis and eat what is good, the diet is the most important part of treatment, improve the reasonable diet for the patient are of great help.

1, the patient is active, should be light diet based, eat more vitamins rich vegetables and fruits.

2, the patient is in remission without symptoms, basically eat an ordinary diet. The dietary guidelines for lupus nephritis are the most important adjunct to the treatment of disease.

3. Patients with renal impairment, such as oliguria, hypertension, edema, or hypoxemia, should be treated with a low salt and low protein diet and limited water intake. When the edema subsides, the blood pressure is normal, and the blood stasis disappears, you can eat a normal diet.

4, the food rich in vitamin E: has wheat germ, valley embryo, vegetable oil, eggs, milk and cream, Cod Liver Oil, citrus leaf lettuce, etc..

5, should be consumed with vitamin A, B6, D, E rich food. Vitamin A rich foods include cod liver oil, milk, duck eggs, etc., and foods rich in carotene include carrots, corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red fruits, cherries, loquat, plum and citrus. Vitamin B6 more foods are yeast, wheat germ, corn, wheat, oats, rice bran and so on. Foods containing more vitamin D are dairy products, duck eggs and so on.

The above is about the "dietary guidelines for lupus nephritis" related articles introduced, hoping to help you. Lupus nephritis patients in the diet or consult a professional doctor, if the improper diet, may have negative effects.

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