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Do you know why patients with nephropathy can not eat salt?

Do you know why you should not eat salt? For patients with kidney disease, they heard one of the most popular words by the doctor: "eat light, don't eat too much salt.".

You certainly only know that eating more salt is bad for your body, how bad about it? Let’s learn about it.

First of all, kidney disease patients easily combined with water excretion disorders, and then there will be edema, which is often said by doctors "water sodium retention"". We all know that the main ingredient of salt is sodium. Excessive intake of salt will aggravate the retention of water and sodium, and eventually lead to edema.

Second, the kidney itself has some effects on blood pressure, endocrine hormones, when there is kidney disease, these abnormal secretion of endocrine hormones, can cause high blood pressure. As we all know, hypertensive patients should be low-sodium, low-salt diet. Therefore, in order to better control the blood pressure in patients with kidney disease, low-salt diet is needed.

Finally, the kidneys have great flexibility in reabsorption of sodium and have a strong regulatory capacity. For patients with nephrotic syndrome, with the progress of the disease, the loss of effective nephron, the ability of the kidneys to regulate the balance of sodium decreased, if sodium intake hyponatremia can occur in severe cases, there may be muscle spasms, convulsions, or even Shock and coma. However, if too much sodium intake, can easily lead to water, sodium retention, edema and high blood pressure, and even induced heart failure.

So, do you know how much salt you need for kidney disease every day?

Patients with obvious edema, hypertension and cardiac and renal dysfunction should be less than 3g per day;

If the renal function is normal, those who do not have the above symptoms can be slightly relaxed to no more than 6g (about a toothpaste cap) or soy sauce 35ml.

Also avoid the consumption of pickled products, canned food, be careful with MSG, chicken, tea sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, tomato sauce and other flavoring to reduce salt intake.

See this article, do you know why you need a low salt diet? Of course, we can not over-limit salt intake to prevent the occurrence of hyponatremia. If you still need to have a detailed understanding of the kidney problems, you can consult our online experts, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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