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Notice for Renal Insufficiency Patients

Renal Insufficiency is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood. That is to say renal insufficiency patients have to spare more attention to what they eat because an unreasonable eating habit may worsen their healthy condition.

Metabolites in our body are mainly produced from the protein we take. For a renal insufficient patients, it’s better for them to keep control of the amount of protein intake because of their insufficient kidney function. Generally speaking, protein intake should be adapted to their renal excretion ability due to their remnant kidney. 

One of the possible way to delay the progression of chronic renal failure is to increase the amount of food rich in protein in daily life. The energy we need is mainly generated from carbohydrate and fat. Increase energy intake appropriately will reduce nitrogen retention and the burden to kidney. Besides, renal insufficiency patients should reduce the intake of food containing phosphorus because the retention of phosphorus will deteriorate patient’s kidney function.

You do not have to limit salt intake if you are not a patient with edema or high blood pressure. Excess salt intake will lead to heavy water sodium retention which will cause an increase in blood pressure.

Anyway, do not use medicines by yourselves. Whatever medicines we take will be excreted by our kidneys. What’s more, some medicines such as gentamicin, sulfa antibiotics, penicillin and indomethacin are not good for kidneys and they will do harm to our kidneys. Therefore, for our own health, do not take medicines that is not good for our health conditions.

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