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How to get chronic renal failure controlled?

Chronic renal failure (CFR) is a progressive kidney disease which can be caused by a variety of reasons. The result of CFR is the atrophy of kidneys, which will make the kidneys dysfunction. The clinical manifestation of CFR can be water, electrolyte or acid-base balance disorder. It’s a serious kidney disease complicated with a series of clinical syndrome. If not treated properly, it can have a bad influence on the whole body. Here, we’d like to talk about the symptoms o CFR and it’s preventions.

Symptom one: Hypocalcaemia and Hyperphosphatemia

Due to the CFR, renal tissue can not generate enough active vitamin D3 which will lead to the decrements of calcium absorption from the intestine and hypocalcaemia. Normally there will be no obvious syndrome. The twitch which caused by the excess free calcium will be reduced with the application of sodium bicarbonate. The decrease of phosphorus excretion can lead a high level of blood phosphorus. The twitch which caused by the excess free calcium will be reduced with the application of sodium bicarbonate. The decrease of phosphorus excretion can lead a high level of blood phosphorus. Hyperphosphatemia can cause elevated levels of the blood calcium and phosphorus. A low level of calcium may increase the secretion of PTH which may easily lead to fractures.

Symptom two: hyperpotassemia and kaliopenia

Second hyperkalemia and kaliopenia: CKD patients will have less urine, then potassium expelling is decreased, organism metabolism is increased, metabolic acidosis will happen, potassium begin to transfer outside cells. The application of diuretic to restrain potassium or ACEI may lead to severe hyperkalemia, showing somnolence, severe arrhythmia, even cardiac arrest. If eat less, intaking potassium insufficiently, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and long time applying diuretic to excrete potassium, it is eat\y to happen kaliopenia. You can pay attention to your diet and proper adjust it to relieve those symptoms.

Symptom three: hyponatremia and hypernatremia

Because of vomiting, diarrhea or related symptoms, patients will lose excess sodium. The decrease of reabsorption for renal tubular of sodium will lead to hyponatremia which may lead to symptoms like physical fatigue, anorexia. More severe symptoms like hypotension and coma may occur. Patients with a sudden increase of sodium intake may encounter water or sodium retention, hypertension, edema and even heart failure.

How to get chronic renal failure controlled?

Reasonable diet

According to large amount of clinical experience and observation, a low protein or phosphorus diet can slow down the process of most patients CFR. And sometimes it may even stop the process of renal failure. A low protein diet may reduce he high filtration of kidneys and help to prevent the development of CFR. The main and basic measure for controlling Hyperphosphatemia is leading a low phosphorus diet.

Second, increase communication with doctors

Patients can get more systematic treatment and timely guidance if communicating with their doctors more frequently. Many aspects which cause kidney failure can be decreased even avoided in that case, such as medical damaging, insufficient blood supply caused by dehydration, hyperlipidemia, hypercalcemia, kaliopenia, urination obstruction, infection, hemorrhea. it plays a significant role for kidney disease treatment if that can be found and redressed early.

Third, Controlling Hypermetabolism of Nephrone

Most of the research indicates that low protein or low phosphorous diet can decrease the consuming of oxygen, furthermore restrain the function of hypermetabolism of remained nephrone.

Third. Control blood pressure

Controlling renal hypertension or primary hypertension can prevent renal glomerular from sclerosis, the former mainly controlling the hypertransfusion of glomerular, while the latter aims to control hypertension or diabetic hypertension by application of medicines which can reduce blood pressure, by means of reducing glomerular internal pressure, then hypertransfusion can be relieved, patients’ kidney condition can be improved effectively. Then their condition can be controlled and won’t be further damaged.

Forth, decrease blood fat, redress the disorder of lipid metabolism

At first, intake fat properly, meanwhile keeping proper labor activities and proper intake of calory is of equal importance. Medicines to decrease lipid can be added when necessary.

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