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Fatty renal hypertension and chronic kidney disease

A study by American researchers shows that fatty kidney is a common disease and is associated with an increased risk of hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Renal sinus fat may play a role in blood pressure regulation and chronic kidney disease. The paper was published online in September 19, 2011 in hypertension (Hypertension).

Ectopic adipose tissue may mediate local and systemic diseases. Diet induced obesity animal model showed that the accumulation of fat in the renal sinus. There are no studies evaluating the association between renal sinus fat and hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and other metabolic disorders in a large population-based sample. The subjects of this study were from the Framingham Heart Study (2923 cases, the average age of 54 years, 51% women), all subjects received CT renal sinus fat quantitative assessment. Use of a gender specific 9 thousand percentile for healthy controls to define the high fat (fat kidney) of the renal sinus.

The results showed that the prevalence of fatty kidney was 30.1% (n = 879). Inpiduals with a fatty kidney had a higher odds ratio (OR 2.12; P<0.0001) for the body mass index (OR;; P<0.0001) or visceral adipose tissue (OR, 1.24; P=0.049). Fatty kidney is also associated with elevated OR in chronic kidney disease (OR 2.30; P=0.005), as well as correction of body mass index and visceral fat. After adjusting for visceral fat, there was no correlation between fatty kidney and diabetes.

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