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Patients with chronic renal failure must not eat anything

For patients with chronic renal failure, it is important to pay attention to the daily diet, which is very important for treatment. The so-called disease from the mouth, so the disease can also be out of the mouth. As long as we develop a reasonable eating habits, coupled with the doctor's treatment plan, every day to maintain an optimistic attitude, I believe will soon heal. So, what are the common chronic renal failure can not eat it?
Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine experts pointed out: what is the general chronic renal failure what food can not eat the following points.

1 of the patients with oliguria and edema, bogey is high salt and high potassium diet is too salty food (salted pickles, mustard etc.), high potassium foods (kelp, seaweed, mushrooms, potatoes, lotus seeds, lean beef, etc.. ) according to current medical research, a lot of hypertension in the elderly, there are people like eating high salt food 75%. So if you have high blood pressure and chronic kidney failure and other diseases, do not remember their own bad eating habits, and hurt their bodies.

2, avoid spicy spicy food, such as pepper, pepper, coffee, wine, cocoa, etc.. In this modern society, a lot of people because of work busy business, don't open face, then a large number of drinking beer. It is your wine, renal injury, ethanol in wine drinking too much will lead people trance, sensitivity of the nervous system. Therefore, for patients with chronic renal failure, wine and spicy food, do not touch.

3, avoid rooster, geese, and fishy food such as meat, pighead. Many patients with chronic renal failure, I thought I was so weak, if this can not eat that can not eat, it will not starve to death. In fact, do not have so many worries, but these foods, when we are in serious condition, we need to control reasonable about intake only, do not feel, have to eat nourishing virtual body;

4, eat Stinky tofu, pickled tofu and other fermented food; if you want to eat bean products, can be used Soybean Milk, jelly, fans, Sauteed Green Beans etc..

5, should not use corn flakes, lotus root, lettuce, lily. Fruit and nuts, can choose a variety of fruits, with peanut, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried lotus seeds should not be. Can choose a variety of eggs, egg protein, egg yolk is various. Can choose condiments, brown sugar, white sugar, honey, with bean sauce or sesame sesame, not. The other can choose popsicles, ice cream, cakes, cookies, should not be used for these foods is the patients need attention, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the disease

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