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TCM treatment of chronic renal failure

Chronic renal failure complicated pathogenesis and syndromes, superficiality, deficiency in the evil, the disease in each period are false, must distinguish different Yin and Yang, Qi, Qi and yin deficiency of the. Is more than false real evil, high difficulty to identify.
(I) deficiency syndrome
1 spleen and kidney qi deficiency: the birth of the kidney, the spleen is acquired, nourishing and promoting has day, kidney course of time, have damaged the spleen, spleen and kidney qi asthenia causing this syndrome, in renal decompensation or azotemic stage, mildly abnormal body Zhuodu is relatively small, The new supersedes the old.. No serious imbalance.
Symptoms: lusterless complexion, less gas pan, anorexia, abdominal distension, loose stool, mouth sticky mouth, thirst, or thirst without desire to drink, waist and knee pain, cold hands and feet, night urination, pale tongue with teeth marks, deep and weak pulse.
Treatment: the spleen and kidney
Recipe: the curative effect of Six Gentlemen Decoction
2: chronic spleen kidney yang deficiency of spleen and kidney qi deficiency, Qi and Yang damage caused by Wenyang dereliction of duty, this credit is generally in the chronic renal failure after each period, blood biochemical fatigue, anemia, viscera function decline induced Yang deficiency, metabolic residue retention amount.
Symptoms: pale or white Kuang, lassitude, anorexia, diarrhea or edema, sticky mouth mouth thirst, waist and knee pain or cold pain, night urination is long and clear, pale tongue tender fat, deep and weak pulse.
Methods: Wenyang Jianpi
Recipe: Zhenwu Decoction
3 liver and kidney yin deficiency: liver blood, kidney essence,. Yang Qi not taken, not solid substances discharged, loss of Yin fluid, yin deficiency can foster. Hepatorenal homologous, alternate energy and blood, yin deficiency of liver and kidney disease and therefore.
Symptoms: sallow complexion, dry mouth or mouth like drinking cold drinks, eye dryness, dry stool, waist and knee pain, hot feeling, dizziness and tinnitus, pale tongue thin, thin yellow or no moss, pulse fine.
Treatment: nourishing liver and kidney
Prescription: Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill
4 spleen and Kidney Qi Yin deficiency syndrome: two Shenpi shortness of breath, eat less bloating, diarrhea jiuxie, dysuria, lumbago, tinnitus, thin body, five upset hot, hot flashes sweating, insomnia, pale tongue, weak pulse.
Treatment: Supplementing Qi and nourishing yin
Prescription: Shenqi Dihuang Decoction
5 Two: Long Qi, Qi and blood deficiency blood gas, blood deficiency caused two. Or long-term urinary protein, Qi and blood passive, but also the formation of Qi and blood two virtual. Symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, pale or sallow complexion, lip a pale, dizzy, palpitation and insomnia, dysuria, pale tongue, weak pulse. Treatment: Invigorating Qi and nourishing blood
Recipe: Shiquandabu Decoction
Two 6: kidney yin and yang deficiency of yin and Yang in the fundamental person, send Yuan Yin and Yuanyang, and the interdependence between yin and Yang, yin and Yang Yang long time loss, and loss of Yin fluid, uremia of chronic renal failure often occurs in two Yin and yang deficiency syndrome.
Symptoms: edema, dizziness and tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, aversion to cold or cold pain, loose stools, constipation, clear night urine or oliguria yellow, Fanre, palpitations, insomnia, night sweats, pale tongue Shaojin, with teeth marks, thin weak pulse or number.
Treatment: Nourishing Yin and Yang
Recipe: Jisheng Shenqi pills
(two), positive
1, wind cold headache, body joint pain, cough, asthma, phlegm white no sweating, runny nose, chills or fever, floating pulse number. Treatment: Xinwen jiebiao
Prescription: onion soup addition and subtraction
2, the heat: sore throat, headache, body joint pain, sweating, fever, slight thirst, tongue red, moss thin yellow, floating pulse number. Treatment: Xinliang table
Prescription: Yinqiao Powder
3, phlegm heat obstructing lung, cough and asthma, phlegm thick yellow or white sticky, restlessness, fever, thirst, insomnia, red tongue, slippery pulse number. Treatment: Qingfeihuatan
Prescription: modified Almond Soup
4, confused by phlegm: gruff breathing, throat phlegm, confusion, restlessness, cough and asthma, sputum fever, thirst, thick yellow, red tongue, slippery pulse number.
Treatment: Qingre Ditan Xingshen
Prescription: Acorus and Curcuma Decoction
5, water wet stop: moderate systemic edema or ascites, dysuria, heavy in the head and body, chest fullness discomfort, vomiting or water, pale tongue, white slip, slip Xuan mai.
Treatment: for gas and water turbidity
Prescription: Water Decoction
6, dampness resistance: diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia, vomiting frequency as body and muscle joint pain, loss of appetite, loose stool, not thirsty much drink, taste of urine, sticky and do not want to drink. Red tongue, greasy moss, pulse moisten number.
Treatment: the turbidity and
Prescription: huopuxialing decoction or Huoxiang Zhengqi powder
7, body heat thirst, dampness heat in middle Jiao head heavy chest pain, abdominal distension, vomiting frequency, taste of urine, dry mouth, bitter mouth, sticky mouth cool drink, scorching or astringent pain, loose stool, red tongue, yellow thick and greasy.
Treatment: qingrelishi
Prescription: Sage Huang Liantang, huanglianwendan Decoction
8, bladder damp heat: fever thirst, body heavy pain, taste of urine, dry mouth, mouth, mouth sticky cool drink

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