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What are the ways to prevent kidney failure

Renal failure is a very serious disease for patients, if not active treatment, then it will be a serious threat to their health, what method can prevent from renal failure? In the face of this disease do not to neglect should accept professional treatment actively, so as to better reduce the unnecessary influence, you know that in daily life what method can prevent from renal failure?
What are the ways to prevent kidney failure? We all know that you want to better ensure their health, prevent some diseases that eating problems in daily life is absolutely not easily ignored, because only pay attention to the diet and health care can give you a nutritional supplement at the same time, can also help, also can alleviate the disease.

1, the most direct: adjust the rest
Chinese pay attention to Yang for Yin Wu, Yang in the Yin sleep during the day, "nature and human Yang are upward and outward, and at night. Do not sleep night activities, it is necessary to overcome the human nature and the human body yang to double within the next resistance, the Yang of the body upward and outward, this process is the process of energy consumption, consumption is the essence of human body, also is the human body kidney, will inevitably lead to accelerated aging. Adjust the rest is the most direct and simple way to kidney.

2, the most practical food: kidney color black
The "Yellow Emperor" that "black kidney", because of the color of black five elements of water, and the internal organs in the kidney also belongs to water, usually black food has the function of the kidney, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame, black fungus, etc.. Secondly, the "Yellow Emperor" that "Huo kidney dishes", namely herb legumes such as leaves, bean sprouts, peas and so on; if you must eat meat, pork is the most nourishing, because the "Yellow Emperor" that "kidney animal swine swine swine.". In addition, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, walnuts are the famous Bushen recipe, long-term use.

3, the most convenient gas: omphaloskepsis
Sedentary kidney injury, it is recommended to exercise every day for an hour, so that the body moving. Can also try omphaloskepsis gas sink Dantian "breathing way. To calm down, put thoughts in the pubic region, that is where the umbilical part of kidney. Deep breathing, natural feel breath rose from the sacral midline along the body to the head, exhale breath sinking from the top to the pubic region, a process of breathing gas is a cyclic process along the midline of the body, and let the breath as deep, long and thin and uniform. In addition, the Chinese medicine in the mood and the corresponding organs, fear of injury to the kidney, should prevent excessive fear of kidney injury.
The above is to ease some methods of renal failure, we hope that through the introduction of the above, to pay more attention to these health problems, must have a scientific and healthy lifestyle in the daily life, because it can avoid some unnecessary harm, ensure their health.

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