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What the diet for kidney failure with high creatinine level?

How should the patient with kidney failure high creatinine eat? Why have high creatinine level, how should the patient eat? 
Creatinine is a very significant indication of renal dysfunction. In the renal insufficiency, due to the normal renal units and functions have been serious damaged, resulting in the kidney can not be timely in vivo toxins, such as creatinine, urea nitrogen excreted, so the symptoms such as serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and others increased.So for the treatment of renal insufficiency, the focus should be on how to prevent kidney pathology continue to damage normal kidney units, protect existing residual kidney units, and repair damaged kidney function. So, renal failure patients with high creatinine how to diet? The expert gives the following advice:
First of all, for patients of renal failure with high creatinine, diet requirements must control the intake of salt. For patients with renal insufficiency, azotemia patients, although the patient's serum creatinine is relatively high, and is likely to have a variety of mild clinical symptoms, but because the pathology of renal units are moderate damage, to control the patient's salt intake depending on whether have the situation of high blood pressure or swelling, and were given the corresponding patients with low or salt-free diet.
Second, for renal failure patients with high creatine, to control the intake of protein. Because at this stage, the patient appeared azotemia, renal insufficiency. In order to prevent the disease continues to deteriorate, should control the intake of protein, can be used to high-quality protein diet. Renal failure with high creatinine should be selected food that rich vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C .
For patients with renal insufficiency, if only renal failure with high creatinine, but no oliguria, edema and other symptoms of the patient can continue to maintain a low-salt diet. But if the patient has severe edema, as well as high blood pressure and even heart failure symptoms, should be strictly in accordance with the doctor prescribed ban salt.
For renal failure patients with high creatinine, be sure to limit their smoking, drinking.smoking, drinking are mainly harm the role of the kidneys and blood vessels, therefore, the more patients smoking, drinking more, then the greater damage to the kidney blood vessels, it is more severe patients with renal arteriosclerosis, glomerular sclerosis. Therefore, regardless of whether the patient is normal renal function, or abnormal renal function of creatinine, should be strictly quit smoking and drinking, so as to avoid causing greater damage to the kidneys.

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