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How to prevent Uremia ?

1.Patients should ask for the doctor’s advice ,ensure reasonable and correct medication .There are some cases of renal damage which caused by drug ,such as two amphotericin anti-fungal drugs , anti-inflammatory analgesic and so on .In addition ,renal toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine contains aristolochic acid has been gotten more and more attention ,some patients due to long-term take this medicines causing chronic renal failure .Therefore ,patients should not eat medicines in disorder ,before taking medicine .should ask for doctor’s advice in order to ensure reasonable and correct medication .
2.Adults should check routine urine and renal function every year .When find the urine protein rise in the routine urine ,patients should pay attention .The high risk groups of chronic nephritis like the elderly of more than 60 ,the family member of patients with chronic kidney disease , metabolic disease such as diabetic ,gout and high uric acid hematic disease patients .Regardless of symptoms , patients with high blood pressure ,systemic lupus erythematosus ,hepatitis ,tumour and nephron reduce should check routine urine ,renal function and renal ultrasound B every half the year ,only in this way can prevent renal failure happen .
3.Bad lifestyles give rise to high blood pressure ,hyperlipidemia and high blood glucose and renal failure .How to build up a healthy lifestyle ?
1)Have a low-salt diet ;
2)Have a balance diet ,do not eat and drink so much and eat more protein foods thus aggravate the burden of kidney ;
3)Drink water adequately ,do not hold back the urine ;
4)Consist on physical exercise and control the weight ;
5)Avoid catching a cold ;
6)Give up smoking ,avoid intemperance 
  In order to find kidney failure early ,when it appears inappetence ,nausea ,sickness ,headache ,sleeplessness ,tic ,edema .high blood pressure ,anemia and bleeding ,should go to the hospital to take an examination . ;.
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