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3 causes of chronic kidney failure

Chronic kidney failure is a common disease that occurs mainly in the elderly. So do you know what causes chronic kidney failure? What can be done to prevent chronic kidney failure?

Everyone know that the patients with chronic renal failure happened to bring huge torture, damage to everyone's spirit, want to avoid disease, we need to find a suitable for their own treatment method, the first to introduce you to the cause of chronic renal failure, so as to avoid the happening of the disease.

What is the etiology of chronic kidney failure and how do you prevent chronic kidney failure

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The cause of chronic kidney failure

Kidney disease

It is the most direct and primary cause of uremia. How to treat chronic kidney failure? All kinds of kidney disease, if not effectively control the condition, the end will be uremia, such as glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, urinary tract obstruction, renal vascular disease, hereditary kidney disease, tumor, etc.

Other accompanying diseases

Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus erythematosus, and allergic purpura, the kidney damage can occur with the delay of the course of the course of the disease, which can be further dehorsed into uremia. Diabetic kidney disease and high blood pressure, kidney disease is the most common and the most serious type of secondary kidney disease, is a major cause of these factors lead to chronic renal failure occurs.

Drug damage to the kidney causes uremia

Antibiotics, some anti-inflammatory drugs, medical imaging, antitumor drugs, as well as part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are belong to the renal toxicity, easy to cause damage to the kidney, the resulting uremia.

What is the etiology of chronic kidney failure and how do you prevent chronic kidney failure

How to prevent chronic kidney failure?

1, treat primary disease

There are many primary diseases that can affect kidney health and cause chronic kidney failure. For example, early aggressive enhancement of insulin therapy in diabetic nephropathy may slow the decline of residual kidney function. Lupus nephritis, which can be treated with hormone shock therapy, may also be restored, and may even be reported for a longer period of time. Purpura nephritis should actively look for allergens to prevent further allergic and aggravated kidney damage.

2, the treatment of renal obstruction

If kidney obstruction occurs, it may also cause kidney failure. Friends should pay attention to remove the kidney in patients with infarction factors, especially men, the chronic renal failure patients should pay attention to the treatment of BPH, renal and ureteral calculi patients should remove stones as soon as possible.

Avoid hurting your kidneys

There are many factors that may harm people's kidneys, such as those commonly used. Special attention should be paid when eating medicine. Such as amino glucoside kind of antibiotics, rifampin of anti-tb drugs, antineoplastic drugs doxorubicin, fluorouracil, large doses of antipyretic analgesics, such as: GanMaoTong, speed and contrast agents, mannitol, traditional Chinese medicine of akebia stem and wide the studies.

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