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The regulation of chronic kidney failure was regulated for 2

Chronic renal failure examination, the doctor will always require renal check post 24-hour urine collection times outside the court, but often there will be a 24-hour urine protein and urinary ACR quantitative results is not consistent with the results of the phenomenon, this is because the problem during 24 hour urine specimen.

File.usd10.00 urine specimen looks very simple, but there are some matters needing attention, slightly do not pay attention to, renal is likely to be caused by the urine method is not correct test results is not accurate, not only can't reflect the change of disease, may also be misleading. So, here are some of the problems and caveats that occur when you have a chronic kidney failure check for 24 hours.

1. The more the urine

The most common problem with a 24-hour urine specimen is the amount of urine. Mainly is the springboard of the doctor without friends or family members to the kidney clear specification of the urine method, such as simply said, "today at 6 o 'clock in the morning to 6 o 'clock tomorrow morning urine". So many renal will leave both of urine at 6, if the 10 o 'clock last night when sleeping once urine, have been produced until 6 o 'clock this morning, so leave these urine is actually left 32 hours of urine specimen.

Right way is the first day off at 6 o 'clock in the morning urine to row, this time the bladder is empty, from this time, the kidneys are made in urine, and stored in the bladder, if to the 9 o 'clock in the morning feeling urinate to urinate, obviously it is 6 PM to 9 PM the three hours of urine. And so on, until the next morning at six o 'clock, regardless of whether to urinate, all want to empty your bladder, the urine collection to clean containers, this is the complete 24-hour urine specimen.

2. Less urine

Some of the kidney mates forgot to take the urine when they were defecating, or when they went out, they forgot to leave the urine, causing some of the urine to be left behind.

It is recommended that the kidney friend who needs to leave the urine for 24 hours should not go outside as long as possible. If you have to go outside, you should also bring the urine container.

3,Eating exercise and other distractions

Because the excretion of human proteinuria is affected by the factors such as diet and exercise, it is important to control these factors in the urine. Some renal to the urine will give us 24 hours urine specimens that extra water, it is unnecessary, renal you just need to diet, do not need to have plenty of water, more do not need to eat more or less deliberately eating protein and other nutrients. Don't do strenuous exercises like running, playing basketball, playing soccer, etc. Blood pressure medications are used as usual. If there is fever, diarrhea, etc., it is recommended to wait for the situation to disappear.


The proper container is critical, and it is recommended to use a wide mouth container with an acid resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean, and lid to store urine. The day before the urine sample is washed and cleaned and controlled for dry. Female renal to avoid the menstrual period, if the leucorrhea is more, Suggestions for 24 hours before each urination urine specimen day appropriate washing perineum, but don't just pick up the middle urine.

5,Add preservatives

If the kidney mate is left with 24 hours of urine and is only testing urine protein or sodium, there is no need to add a preservative. But suggested that the storage of urine specimen containers placed in the shade, if indoor and outdoor temperature is very high, and don't rest assured, if the family don't mind, can put the urine specimen is placed in the home the fridge (actually urine is very clean) refrigerated.

If renal to assay the physical composition of 24 hour urine specimen or special certain hormones or metabolites, should according to different testing project to choose different preservatives to prevent these substances decomposition.

6. Alternative

A 24-hour urine specimen is a problem, and you can choose a morning urine instead. In addition, like urinary incontinence or urinary difficulty of the elderly, children or micturition more casual, not completely post 24-hour urine collection times correctly, can choose to leave the morning urine for urinary albumin creatinine ratio (ACR) urine instead of 24 hours urinary protein quantitative, but not a substitute for 24 hours urinary sodium and other tests.


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