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Which factors are likely to cause chronic renal failure

What causes chronic renal failure? In general, chronic renal failure disease progression is generally slow, it takes several years or even decades to develop uremia. But the clinical often encountered in some patients with renal function in a few days, weeks or months of rapid progress, and even the development of uremia. In this case most of the obvious incentives, timely detection and removal of these incentives, but also can save renal function. These incentives include:

Such as vomiting diarrhea or a large number of diuresis caused by dehydration, bleeding, hypotension, etc., the above cases of kidney disease, such as nephritis, diabetes, Function of short-term deterioration of the reasons may be related to the patient caused by dehydration caused by dehydration of diarrhea; severe hypertension can not control, especially blood pressure sustained 180 / 120mmHg or more; heart failure or severe arrhythmia; the use of nephrotoxic drugs, such as certain antibiotics, Analgesics, contrast agents, some Chinese herbal medicine containing aristolochic acid;

Urinary tract obstruction, such as urinary tract stones, prostatic hypertrophy; a variety of infections, including the respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary tract or skin infections; high protein diet; electrolyte disorders, such as hypercalcemia or hyperphosphatemia; acute stress state, Such as trauma, surgery and so on. When these acute factors exist, renal function may be a sharp deterioration, and even threaten the lives of patients. On the course of chronic renal failure in the acute exacerbation of renal function, such as timely elimination of incentives and appropriate treatment may make renal function reversal, and will not enter the irreversible uremic state.

Which factors are likely to cause chronic renal failure

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